Saturday, 12 August 2017

Internet Woes!

I'm just letting you know that I'm having internet problems, and am waiting for them to get fixed. I can post and comment, but can only download if it's a very small file - and I can't upload at all. My internet is only working to about 20% of what it should be, and is constantly dropping out. My provider said a technician would need to investigate further to find out what is going on (or what's not going on, I should say!)

I'm telling you this because I had planned to offer another Daily Download for September's Scrap Twist Blog Train, but, depending on the state of my internet, I may not be able to do this. I realise there are still a few weeks to go, but I wanted to give you plenty of notice! But, rest assured, you will definitely get the bundle sometime! I will also have a (much smaller) bundle for the Pixel Scrapper Blog Train, but you may have to wait for that as well.

I also had plans for another, mid-month giveaway on a new Facebook page I'm trying to set up, but that has had to go on the back-burner for the time being, too.

I'll post on here when things are back to normal, so keep checking back!


  1. pc and internet problems are the worst, it's like a family member is missing, or ill... hope it works out for you soon Robyn, I don't spend that much time there, as I am very busy elsewhere on the net, but you are a real asset to Pixelscrapper, so everyone will be hoping for your quick return. <3

  2. Hope your internet is up and running soon ... I feel lost when I without it.

    1. Me, too, Keryn! It's amazing how much we all rely on the internet these days, isn't it?

  3. Sending positive vibes. Having the internet not work is such a frustration. Makes you feel so lost. Put your feet up for a few days!!!

  4. Thanks for the vibes, Becky! I can use all I can get!

  5. How are your internet woes Robyn, I can understand how frustrating it must be for you with your love of creating and sharing.

  6. Thanks for asking, Keryn. For the last few days I had no internet, and no home phone at all (the landline goes through the internet in Australia now), which was quite worrying, because I am my 87-year-old Mum's carer. It has been on today, faster than it has been but still nowhere near as fast as it should be; and I haven't noticed any dropouts today, either. Hopefully this means they are actually working on it now!

  7. Hi Robyn, sorry to hear you are still having problems...
    I am curious... you being in Australia, has there been any conversation about sun spots or other atmospheric disturbances in your region, or have you always had this sort of problem where you are.... I ask, because there have been several instances this year alone of activity of this sort, some of which has been reported on the news/weather.

    Anyway, hope it sorts out for you soon.

  8. Hello, Angela - no, I haven't heard anything about sun spots etc, but then I very rarely watch the news on TV, as it's all doom and gloom, murders, and other dreadful things. Australia is currently changing over to a national broadband network (NBN) for our internet and landline phones, which was promised to be super-fast and reliable. I got mine in April 2016, which was fairly soon after it was available in my area, and I was really happy with it for the first year, as I was getting very close to the maximum speeds for my type of connection. It has been gradually getting worse over the last few months, with dreadful download/upload speeds, and the connection constantly dropping out. I have complained quite a few times, and the drop-outs seem to have stopped, but the "speeds" are still anything but speedy, and I nobody seems to be able to give me a straight answer as to what the problem is.

  9. well, if it makes you feel any better, (and I am sure it does not lol) lots of people are having similar issues as you described this year alone.... we don't have the same speeds as we did last year, and uploads and downloads of all types sometimes fail... pages don't load, or internet drops out... I have noticed I will be working, and everything is just fine, then suddenly the internet stops working, anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, and then suddenly it's there again, very frustrating...
    "they" also don't have a clue.... but I suspect some of it doea have to do with the fcc and the like making it harder for small businesses and common individuals to function on the net.... they have been trying to throw wrenches into the speeds for hosts, as to who gets to run faster than the others, and the giants (corps, big bix, etc) are winning the game, who also have a hand in trying to push this regulation, of who can have x amount of speed, and who can not.... hard for me to explain, but you can always look it up on the ever slowing internet lol


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