Monday, 6 November 2017

Daily Download Day 06 | Inspire Me

Yes, I'm still here! I had Days 1-5 pre-posted here, and I'm now uploading more kits, although very slowly! Now, I'm going to have a big 'whinge' here, so feel free to skim over the next few paragraphs if  you're not in the mood to read my rant!


As I'm sure you will understand, my internet is driving me insane right now, and I am definitely going to change my provider once my contract ends with this one.

Australia is changing over to the supposedly "reliable, super-fast" National Broadband Network (NBN) -- ha, ha! When the NBN was first proposed, it was supposed to be Fibre to every premises in the country, but that was downgraded to fibre to some premises (mostly in the big cities), with the rest of us having fibre to the node, then the existing copper-wire phone lines from the node to our premises. Once the NBN is available in your area, you have 18 months to sign up, and then your old phone and internet is cut off, leaving the NBN as the one and only!

(Personally, I always thought that having the phone only available through the internet was a big mistake, but that's what we now have. Your internet is off? Tough, you don't have a phone now, either!)

Anyway, I signed up to the NBN in April 2016, pretty much as soon as it was available in my area, and I was supremely happy with it for the first 12 months or so, but I've been having no end of trouble since then! Connection drop-outs, dismally low download & upload speeds, countless phone calls to my ISP (from my mobile phone, as the landline wasn't working because, gosh, the internet's not working!)

Oh, and don't get me started on ringing the ISP! First of all, you have to put up with the 'robot lady' who answers your call instead of a real human. (And the options 'she' gives you very often don't actually fit your problem, anyway!) Then, and this is the really fun part, you get directed to a call centre in another country - and you never get a native English speaker! I don't know about anyone else, but I have a real problem with accents over the phone. I'm OK if I'm talking to someone in person, but not on the phone. So it's very hard for me to understand the person, and for them to understand me. I believe that, if you're in Australia, you should have a call centre in Australia, and the phones should be answered by an Australian. Same goes for any country in the world, in my view.

So, you're trying to tell your problem to someone who can't understand you, and you can't understand them, and then they just 'fob you off' with whatever they've been told to say -- well, let's just say that the frustration levels get very high!

I do have brilliant computer tech guys that I've been going to for years, and I finally found out from them what the real problem is: The ISPs have to buy 'blocks' or 'units' of (whatever the internet comes in), and my cheapskate ISP, Telstra, didn't buy enough of them for everyone who would need to use it. So, for the first 12 months, when there weren't many of us connected, the amount was adequate, and speeds were great; now, when more of us are connected, we have to share that same amount, therefore, everyone's speeds are lower.

Just to illustrate, the maximum speeds for my type of connection are 25 Mbps Download and 5 Mbps Upload. When I tested the speeds the other day, both upload and download speeds were LESS THAN 0.2 Mbps!!!! So you can understand why I posted that warning message...


OK, now to get to the reason you came here today - the daily download! Today's kit is a pink version of the Mini Word Cards you downloaded in Day 01:

EK17 Mini Word Cards 02 Pink (20.1 MB)


I would usually tell you here to come back tomorrow for your next download,
but I'll just say that two more kits are scheduled to be posted tomorrow:
Brads & Striped Papers!


  1. Hi Robyn, I totally understand your rant - as I mentioned a few days ago we don't have NBN yet at Morayfield and I'm going to hold off for as long as possible. Mum and Dad have NBN in Caboolture and have the same problem as you however unfortunately they don't have mobile phone coverage unless they go outside and stand in a certain direction which as you can appreciate at 84 and 89 respectively isn't acceptable. They are on a priority with Telstra as both have health issues but that doesn't seem to matter any more. If they could get mobile phone reception I'd suggest they ditch the home phone. You get the runaround with Telstra - oh that's an NBN problem - then oh no - that's Telstra's problem. I spent 2 hours on my mobile (outside under a tree) trying to get things sorted and couldn't get through to the non-native English speaking operator that a home phone is a necessity - kept getting the reply "we can transfer all calls to their mobiles while their line is out" - it wasn't until I had to go inside to check their modem and the signal on my mobile kept dropping out that the penny finally dropped.

    My son and a few of his engineer mates recommend iiNet but it would depend on what operators are available to you. They don't have home phones though and only use mobiles.

    If you are down Morayfield way and I'm home your are more than welcome to use our internet. It's still ADSL2 and is pretty good plus I also have unlimited Optus data on my mobile phone.

    Everyone will understand your frustrations and will be patient to wait for your kits because you are such a wonderful designer.

  2. I am dealing with the same problems here in the US with one of the largest providers in the area. I am hearing impaired and speaking over the phone is problematic - and someone with accent makes it impossible. I hope things go better for you soon! Blessings and thanks for the wonderful downloads!

  3. Thanks, ladies! As I said in my rant, I have great computer guys here. They have said all along that the people who are complaining about the NBN are all with Telstra, so Keryn, when you DO have to change over, don't go with Telstra! They recommended TPG to me, that's who they use, saying that they're smaller but not too small. I guess it's similar to iiNet in that way. And, Deb, fyi - Telstra is probably the biggest provider here. I think that when the company is big they just don't seem to care about their customers any more, they care more about their profits. And, Keryn, I get what you're talking about with your parents - I am my 87-year-old Mum's carer. And the tossing of the problems between NBN Co & Telstra... Oh, yes, I'm with you there! I truly cannot wait until my contract is up!

  4. Thank you for the pink cards, Robyn ...
    Don't worry about trying to get the downloads up each day. I do hope that everything gets better with your internet issues. Dealing with big companies is highly frustrating ... especially when you can't understand the person at the other end of the line! I hate the whole phone line coming through the internet. I don't know what we would do without a mobile phone. Hard to call about the internet being down if you can't use your land line either. Also in my area, at this time of year we are on fire watch. We have reverse 911 calls in case a neighborhood needs to be evacuated, but that only worked on landlines. Now they are setting it up, so that a mobile phone can be called, but you have to register! Technology can make things easier, but at the same time very complicated!! Good luck, Robyn!

    1. I just wish that, before governments make decisions like this, they would get advice from people who actually know what they're talking about!

  5. Люблю розовый цвет! Большое спасибо!

  6. Oh my goodness Robyn, it sounds like you are having a terrible frustrating time of things. Technology is beautiful when it works but nerve wrecking when it is not working as designed. The larger the companies the more difficult to work with. Being a caregiver for your Mom you have to have a working phone. Thank You so much for all of the beautiful gifts. Just do what you can everyone I am sure understands. Life is to short and precious for you to stress out over uploading your files :)


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