Saturday, 27 January 2018

Daily Download Day 13 | In The Pocket

Hello, again! Welcome back to the blog for another two kits to download! The first kit today is the 7th Year Cards kit, bringing us up to 1975 (which is the year I finished high school! Wow! Now I've told you just how old I am!!) 😁

It's so strange to think back to 1975 - computers were such a rarity back then - and I could never have imagined that now, in 2018 (over 40 years later - yikes!), I would be spending every spare moment working on a computer! My dream back then was to become an art teacher, but this never happened because of the cost of going to art college. I've done lots of creative things over the years - crocheting, paper crafting, teddy bear making, sewing... and now digital scrapbook designing! And I taught Sunday School for some time, so I suppose that if you combine all those things, you get "art" + "teaching"! Hmmm, maybe I've come close to achieving my teenage goal after all!

Anyway, here is the first of today's kits:

EK09 Year Cards 07 : 1951-1975 (149 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

The second kit for today is the second of three Silent Movie Phrases cards (and isn't that a mouthful!) 

EK29 Filler Cards 07 : Silent Movie Phrases 02 (44 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Tomorrow's paper kits feature stripes - see you then!


  1. I love the Silent Movie phrases cards!! thanks, Robyn!

  2. I graduated in 70 I hear ya on the computer. Heck an electric typewriter was a luxury ! Thank You for all you do sharing your fantastic skills with the rest of us!


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