Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Walk On The Wild Side | Day 20 of 28

Hello, and welcome back for Day 20! Hasn't this month gone fast? Only 8 days left, after today. Today's kit is the first of two Washi Tape kits in the bundle, and you'll be able to download the second kit on Day 24.

EK26 Washi Tape 01 (15.1 MB)

 Download from GOOGLE DRIVE

Fern elements & Sticker papers tomorrow!


  1. Must say, I am totally mystified as to why anyone would complain about your very generous offerings! I would rather have downloads broken down into very fast easy downloads. Once I get all your downloads I have a HUGE beautiful kit that is so versatile. Hope you continue your very generous offerings on a daily basis. Also love that you leave it available so if I can't download for several days I don't miss out and can still go back and get them. Thank you

  2. Thanks for your comment :) The daily downloads depend on how much I make in a bundle. If it's a ridiculous amount like this one [48 kits!], yes, I do spread it out, but if it's a more normal-sized bundle, I would offer it all at once. Having said that, with the Pixel Scrapper blog trains, from now on I will be doing a mini kit or small bundle for the BT itself, then offer the coordinating bundle as daily downloads. After all, it's Marisa's site, Marisa's blog train, and I need to abide by her rules. And that's absolutely fine with me - I will still get everything I make out to whoever wants it. However, if you follow the Scrap Twist blog train, you would get the daily downloads as normal, as we are much more relaxed about things.

  3. Большое спасибо за ваши великолепные ежедневные загрузки!!!!!

  4. What a wonderful variety of washi tape -- thanks!!


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