Friday, 22 September 2017

Daily Download Day 22 | Light Autumn Feelings

I'm a little curious today -- which file sharing site do you usually download from? When I originally started designing, I chose three file sharing sites -, Dropbox, and Google Drive. When Copy shut down their service, I hunted around for another site, and eventually chose Jumpshare. I like Dropbox and Jumpshare because of their simple, clean interface. No annoying ads, no nasty little unwanted files added to your downloads, and no confusion about which button to press!

To be perfectly honest, I find that Google Drive's interface looks a little "clunky" to me when I compare it to Dropbox and Jumpshare, but it's still very easy to navigate, and that's the main thing. All three cost me about the same per month, and I have heaps of storage on each site. I like to give people a choice as to where they go to download, because that's what I like myself. I really loathe it when my only choice is, say, 4Shared, or Mediafire's free service.

Well, that's my little rant for today, so -- on to the download:

PK07 Painted Canvas Gradients 02 (35.5 MB))


Tomorrow's Download : Paper Leaves


  1. More lovely papers -- thank, Robyn!

  2. Thanks for the pretty papers! I always use Google drive if it is available. Just my personal preference.

  3. Hi, Robyn -- I'm sorry, I forgot to answer your question yesterday ... I prefer dropbox. Next I like Google Drive or Media Share. I'm not too familiar with Jumpshare.

  4. I use Dropbox if available, 2nd would be Google Drive. I loathe Mediashare and 4 shared as well.

  5. Hi Robyn, I like Google Drive in preference to Dropbox .. if you happen to have a hiccup with your download, which you don't find straight away, you can't link back to Dropbox from your download library; but you can from Google and Mediafire. Just my 2 cents worth. I'm often late getting to unzip my files :(

  6. Большое спасибо за чудесные бумаги!


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