Saturday, 18 November 2017

Daily Download Day 18 | Inspire Me

I am finding it hard to believe just how quickly this month is flying by, and that we'll be in December in less than two weeks! The Year 12 students have just finished school here in Australia, and are heading to various places to celebrate "Schoolies" week. I'm so glad that my own daughter is well past her high school days, because I would be dreading her wanting to go off to the Gold or Sunshine Coasts for Schoolies. There's always a lot of trouble at these events - mainly the result of alcohol and drugs - an absolute nightmare for parents. (For those who don't know, Australia's school year runs from late January to mid December.)

But you didn't come here for all that, so here are today's downloads:

EK15 Journal Cards 02 - Unlined (9.15 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

PK05 Butterfly Papers (26 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Come back tomorrow for two more kits to download!


  1. Thank you for the pretty papers & the beautiful JCs ... thanks also for not putting lines on the cards (I have a hard time lining up my journaling on cards with lines. LOL) I love the butterfly design ... thanks, Robyn! Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

    1. You're welcome, Pam! I like to make my journalling cards both lined and unlined, so that they will suit whatever people want to do with them ;)

  2. All of your work is absolutely beautiful - thank you, Robyn!

  3. Удобные карточки и бабочки-прекрасны!Большое спасибо!


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