Monday, 15 January 2018

Daily Download Day 01 | In The Pocket

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the first Daily Download for 2018! For the next 33 days (January 15 to February 16), you will be able to download a 72-kit mega bundle called "In The Pocket". If you are a member of Pixel Scrapper, you may recognize the title as being a previous Pixel Scrapper Blog Train. March 2017, to be exact.

I ran out of time to finish this by the original due date, which always annoyed me, so I have been working hard for a while now to complete this bundle - and I've finally done it!

The focus for this blog train was stash-building for pocket scrapbooking, and the aim was to use a mainly neutral palette to create useful items, adding a "pop" of colour if we wanted to.

Here's the palette we were given:

I decided to focus on using the brown neutrals in the top row, and I was amazed at how much inspiration I got from just those five colours! As a result, almost everything in this bundle was created with the browns only, with the other colours only being used in two brad kits, and 3 bonus paper kits.

As this is such a huge bundle, I have also created a PDF file for you to download; you can use this file to keep track of all the kits, and to find out what is coming up next. You can find this file HERE

Each day, you will be able to download 2 or 3 kits from the 6 alpha kits, 36 element kits, and 30 paper kits in this bundle - but don't worry if you miss a day or two - as always, everything on this blog is available indefinitely, so you can always catch up if you need to. Today's kits are below:

AK01 Old Typewriter Alpha 01 - Flat (13.1 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Your next kit is a bevelled version of the first alpha kit:

AK02 Old Typewriter Alpha 02 - Bevel (11.7 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Today's final kit is the first of 10 kits featuring year numerals on cards. As you can see from the preview, below, this first kit features the years 1800 to 1825, and the full set will go up to 2050.

EK03 Year Cards 01 - 1800-1825 (156 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Come back tomorrow for 3 basic solid paper kits - flat, textured, and cardboard!


  1. Oh my!! Robyn, you spoil us!! This is going to be an amazing collection. I don't often scrap in the pocket-style, but I'm sure all these wonderful goodies will be used; like the alphas & date cards -- perfect for heritage pages! & you never know, someday I just might want an album in the pocket-style. Thanks so much, Robyn!!

  2. You're welcome, Pam! It really annoyed me that I didn't get this bundle finished for the the original due date in March 2017; I'm so glad that I finally finished it!

  3. How awesome on your part to give us a printable list of your scheduled downloads. This kit is amazing and I am sure I it will be "go to" for many scrapbooking pages and cards. Thank you so very much for your thoughtfulness!

  4. Thanks for your kind words, Seymoure. I've never done a daily download PDF before - I only had the idea after a comment by one of the Scrap Twist Free4All members, but it's something I intend to do whenever I have daily downloads in the future.

  5. Robyn what can I say!! You are awesome! Thank You so very much!

  6. wow thanks so much great to have these for my stash
    love the year cards and name cards can use these withe my genealogy
    thanks again

  7. Wow, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I'm planning on making a heritage album and your kit will be awesome for it!


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