Friday, 16 February 2018

Daily Download Day 33 | In The Pocket

Well, this is it. The final day in this marathon daily download. When you have downloaded today's three kits, you will have collected 6 alpha kits, 36 element kits, and 30 paper kits over the course of the last 33 days. That's a massive 72 kits in total! I hope you have enjoyed collecting all the kits, and that you will enjoy using them for a long time to come.

AK05 Script Alpha 01 – Flat (2.13 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

AK06 Script Alpha 02 – Bevel (6.08 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

EK19 Day Number Cards 02 (121 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Please come back on March 01, for the next Scrap Twist Blog Train, "In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb". I have made a 16-kit bundle for you (8 element kits, and 8 paper kits), and you can see a preview of various items in the bundle, below:

See you then!

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Daily Download Day 32 | In The Pocket

We're almost there! Today is the second-last day of downloads in this In The Pocket mega-bundle! Today's kits are the final journal cards kit, and the final paper kit!

EK36 Journal Cards 06 (18.5 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

PK30 Bonus Papers 03 – Lights (29.4 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Final day of downloads tomorrow! 
Two versions of the final alpha, and the final Day Number cards kit!

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Daily Download Day 31 | In The Pocket

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope that you are spending time with someone you love today, whether it's parents, children, friends, or your "significant other", if you have one. But, really, every day should be Valentine's Day, shouldn't it? A day that you let people know how much you love and appreciate them. Love doesn't have to mean grand gestures that cost a lot of money, love can be little things that you do every day...

And days are what today's first kit is all about. It's the first kit in a set of two that will give you a total of 31 day cards to help you document things that happen in your day-to-day life. The second of today's kits will help you when you're looking back, or moving forward.

EK18 Day Number Cards 01 (113 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

EK25 Filler Cards 03 : Times (5.08 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Journal cards and more coloured papers tomorrow!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Daily Download Day 30 | In The Pocket

Only four days to go (including today). As you know by now, this bundle was originally supposed to be my contribution for Pixel Scrapper's March 2017 blog train. Yes, nearly a year ago! I didn't finish it by the start of the blog train, which always annoyed me; finally finishing it, and getting it out to you has been very satisfying for me.

The original idea for this theme was to make lots of things for pocket scrapbooking, concentrating on neutral tones - browns and greys - with a "pop" of colour. Well, I ended up using only the browns, with no colour! So, when I was working to complete it, I thought I would add some colour after all. Hence the brads that you have already downloaded, and some paper packs, one of which is here for you today.

Your first kit today is the second baby card kit; the first one was for "Weeks", while today's is for "Months". Today's second kit is the second bonus papers kit, and this is where you're finally seeing some colour in this bundle! I divided the colours into "Brights" and "Lights", and the Bright kit is the one for today. Here are the kit previews and download links:

EK02 Baby Cards : Months (20.2 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

PK29 Bonus Papers 02 : Brights (52.3 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Two more card kits tomorrow!

Monday, 12 February 2018

Daily Download Day 29 | In The Pocket

Hello, everyone, and welcome back for Day 29 of 33! Two kits today - the final Week Number Cards kit, and more journal cards. These ones are lined, and are in landscape orientation. Download below:

EK17 Week Number Cards 04 (104 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

EK35 Journal Cards 05 (12.5 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

One element kit and one paper kit tomorrow!

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Daily Download Day 28 | In The Pocket

Welcome back for today's download! I have three kits for you today - two are the lined and unlined versions of some portrait-oriented journal cards, and the third kit is the first of three bonus paper packs. Although in this bundle, I have been concentrating on the neutral brown shades in the palette, the palette also contains 5 neutral grey shades, which are featured in today's paper kit. Here are today's kit previews and download links:

EK33 Journal Cards 03 (10.8 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

EK34 Journal Cards 04 (10.7 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

PK28 Bonus Papers 01 : Neutral Greys (30.5 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Another two card kits tomorrow!

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Daily Download Day 27 | In The Pocket

Can you believe it? Including today, there are only seven days of downloads left in this mammoth In The Pocket daily download! Today's kits are the third Week Number Cards kit, and the third Silent Movie Phrases kit.

EK16 Week Number Cards 03 (104 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

EK Filler Cards 08 : Silent Movie Phrases 03 (45.2 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Three kits for you to download tomorrow!

Friday, 9 February 2018

Daily Download Day 26 | In The Pocket

Here are today's download links (running a bit late, I'm afraid!):

PK24 Flat Striped Papers 03 (1.42 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

PK27 Textured Striped Papers 03 (177 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Two more card kits tomorrow!

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Daily Download Day 25 | In The Pocket

How are you all today? Well, I hope! Today is Day 25 of 33 days of downloads in this "In The Pocket" mega-bundle, and I hope that you're not getting fed-up with the kits yet, as there are still plenty more to come! You can download two more kits today - the second in the set of four Week Number Cards, and another set of filler cards (the seasons this time). Although there are only four seasons, there are five cards in this kit, because I have made both a "fall" and "autumn" card; this is so everyone can use this set, as some countries call the season one name, and other countries call it the other name. Enjoy!

EK15 Week Number Cards 02 (105 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

EK24 Filler Cards 02 : Seasons (6.91 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

More striped papers for you tomorrow!

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Daily Downloads Day 24 | In The Pocket

Today, I have two diamond patterned paper kits for you to download. They come in the usual flat and textured versions, and I hope you will find them useful. Happy downloading!

PK14 Flat Diamond Papers 03 (54.2 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

PK17 Textured Diamond Papers 03 (195 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Tomorrow, you will be able to download two more card kits!

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Daily Download Day 23 | In The Pocket

Hello, and welcome back for another two card kits! The first of today's kits starts a new set of 4 "Week Number Cards" kits. These will come in handy for lots of things - you could document how you go on a fitness program, or a growing pregnancy bump, or any other kind of project you can think of! The second of today's kits is also the second set of "Words" filler cards - you downloaded the first in this set on Day 09 - and there is a third kit still to come. So, here they are:

EK14 Week Number Cards 01 (105 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

EK27 Filler Cards 05 : Words 02 (62.8 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Tomorrow's downloads will be two diamond patterned paper kits!

Monday, 5 February 2018

Daily Download Day 22 | In The Pocket

Two more argyle patterned paper kits for you today - flat and textured, as usual.

PK06 Flat Argyle Papers 03 (22 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

PK09 Textured Argyle Papers 03 (214 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Two more card kits for you tomorrow!

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Daily Download Day 21 | In The Pocket

As I was typing the post title for today, I realised that, after today, there are only 12 more days left of the In The Pocket daily downloads. I really feel that 2018 is going by in a flash! There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day for me! In addition to my "real job" (which is looking after my mum, who will be 88 this April, as I am her carer), I have so much on the go, digitally speaking. I want to:

  • Rework a lot of my earlier kits, as I have so much more knowledge and experience now;
  • Continue with another mega-bundle "Floral Fantasy", which I started ages ago;
  • Finish my "Sweet Baby" bundle that I've had on the go for the last few months;
  • Redo the previews of all of my older kits, to match my current previews;
  • Reload all of those older kits;
  • Decide what to do with the DTD Facebook page, which I started, but have been at a bit of a loss as to what I want to do with it (!);
  • Start doing more printable quotes for my other blog "Inspire Me";
  • I've made quite a few patterned paper templates, and I need to get them packaged up into kits so I can get them out to you;
  • Same with all my textures - I need to package them into kits, too, again so I can get them to you;
  • Continue with making element templates;
  • Continue to practice making extractions from photos;
  • Keep going with the beginning designer tutorials that I have started on -- and, yes, get them out to you, too;
  • I also want to do more Pixel Scrapper blog trains this year. I really got out of the habit of doing them since we started up Scrap Twist;
  • Start doing the challenges at Pixel Scrapper, too -- there are some really interesting ones coming up that I would love to do;
  • And... and... and...

And those are just the things that I can think of at this moment! I'm sure that there are many more things that I have forgotten to put down here! I also need to sort out all my fonts - this is a job that's been on the go for a long time now, but I am doing bits here and there. Oh, and sorting out all my designer resources, so that I can find what I want, when I want it!

I'm also continuing to work on the Scrap Twist blog trains (March is nearly finished), and I already have some ideas for April. And then there's the Scrap Twist member requests, too!

Now that I've given you an idea of my "To Do" list, I'd better give you today's ITP kits (since that is what you actually came here for!) So, here they are:

EK13 Month Name Cards (152 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

EK22 Brads 02 (4.62 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Don't forget to pop back in tomorrow, for two argyle paper kits!

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Daily Download Day 20 | In The Pocket

I almost missed today's posting deadline, so I'm just quickly adding the links for today's downloads -- two striped paper kits; one flat and one textured:

PK23 Flat Striped Papers 02 (1.42 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

PK26 Textured Striped Papers 02 (174 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Two element kits tomorrow -- cards & brads!

Friday, 2 February 2018

Daily Download Day 19 | In The Pocket

Hello, everyone! I have two element kits for you today; the final year cards kit (!) and the first of two "baby age" kits. Today's kit is for weeks 1-20, and the cards are big enough to be printed out and laid next to your baby for those weekly photographs that a lot of parents like taking. You can also reduce the size in your scrapping program, and use them as you would any other card on a scrapbook page. As well as the usual individual files, I have also included a printable PDF file in both A4 & US letter sizes, to make things easier for you. (The other "baby age" kit is made up of cards from 1-12 months, and will be available another day.)

EK01 Baby Cards - Weeks (33 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

EK12 Year Cards 10 : 2026-2050 (148 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Tomorrow's downloads will be flat and textured versions of striped papers!

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Daily Download Day 18 | In The Pocket

Wow - another month has begun! January just seemed to fly by, and now it's February already! With another month, comes another Scrap Twist Blog Train. This month's theme is Fairy Tale Love and, although I didn't end up participating this month, you will find the links to the designers' blogs at the bottom of this post.

Now for today's In The Pocket daily download; two more paper kits - diamonds, this time:

PK13 Flat Diamond Papers 02 (59.2 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

PK16 Textured Diamond Papers 02 (253 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Tomorrow, you will be able to download two more element kits!

In the meantime, however, please visit the:


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