Friday, 19 January 2018

Daily Download Day 05 | In The Pocket

I have another kit of Year Cards for you today - this one takes us up to 1875 - as well as the first of two Brad kits, and the first of the Journal Card kits; the cards in today's kit have lines on them, in case you want to print them out and write on them. There will also be a kit with unlined versions of these same cards available for download another day. Anyway, here are today's downloads:

EK05 Year Cards 03 - 1851-1875 (149 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

EK21 Brads 01 (6.08 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

EK31 Journal Cards 01 (11.9 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Two more paper kits tomorrow!

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Daily Download Day 04 | In The Pocket

Hello, everyone! Today I have two paper kits for you to download, with 20 papers in each kit.  PK04's papers are flat (untextured), while PK07 has exactly the same papers, but with a texture added to them. The textured paper kit is very large, so if you have any problems with downloading large files, please let me know in the comments, and I will make the file available to you in another way.

PK04 Flat Argyle Papers 01 (23.3 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

PK07 Textured Argyle Papers 01 (236 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Three element kits to download tomorrow!

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Daily Download Day 03 | In The Pocket

Hello, again! I have another two element kits for you to download today, with the first one being another Year Card kit. This is the second of these kits, and covers the years 1826 to 1850:

EK04 Year Cards 02 - 1826-1850 (149 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Today's second kit is a complete remake of the Day Name Cards kit that I previously released as part of the original blog train. I was never completely satisfied with the kit as it was, and I am much happier with this new version.

EK20 Day Name Cards (16.4 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Come back tomorrow for two paper kits!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Daily Download Day 02 | In The Pocket

Welcome back for your second day of downloads from the "In The Pocket" mega bundle! If you downloaded the PDF file from yesterday's post, you'll see that I'm mixing up the downloads, so that it's a bit more interesting for you to download. Today's downloads are three solid paper kits in the brown neutrals; they are basic flat papers, textured papers and cardboard papers.

PK01 Flat Solid Papers (1.10 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

PK02 Textured Solid Papers (67.4 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

PK03 Cardboard Solid Papers (41.1 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Tomorrow's kits will be the second Year Cards Kit, 
covering the years 1826 to 1850, 
and a Day Names Cards Kit -- see you then!

Monday, 15 January 2018

Daily Download Day 01 | In The Pocket

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the first Daily Download for 2018! For the next 33 days (January 15 to February 16), you will be able to download a 72-kit mega bundle called "In The Pocket". If you are a member of Pixel Scrapper, you may recognize the title as being a previous Pixel Scrapper Blog Train. March 2017, to be exact.

I ran out of time to finish this by the original due date, which always annoyed me, so I have been working hard for a while now to complete this bundle - and I've finally done it!

The focus for this blog train was stash-building for pocket scrapbooking, and the aim was to use a mainly neutral palette to create useful items, adding a "pop" of colour if we wanted to.

Here's the palette we were given:

I decided to focus on using the brown neutrals in the top row, and I was amazed at how much inspiration I got from just those five colours! As a result, almost everything in this bundle was created with the browns only, with the other colours only being used in two brad kits, and 3 bonus paper kits.

As this is such a huge bundle, I have also created a PDF file for you to download; you can use this file to keep track of all the kits, and to find out what is coming up next. You can find this file HERE

Each day, you will be able to download 2 or 3 kits from the 6 alpha kits, 36 element kits, and 30 paper kits in this bundle - but don't worry if you miss a day or two - as always, everything on this blog is available indefinitely, so you can always catch up if you need to. Today's kits are below:

AK01 Old Typewriter Alpha 01 - Flat (13.1 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Your next kit is a bevelled version of the first alpha kit:

AK02 Old Typewriter Alpha 02 - Bevel (11.7 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Today's final kit is the first of 10 kits featuring year numerals on cards. As you can see from the preview, below, this first kit features the years 1800 to 1825, and the full set will go up to 2050.

EK03 Year Cards 01 - 1800-1825 (156 MB)

Download from DROPBOX

Come back tomorrow for 3 basic solid paper kits - flat, textured, and cardboard!

Monday, 1 January 2018

Scrap Twist Blog Train | January 2018

Welcome to a bright, shiny new year! I truly hope that 2018 will be a happy and healthy year for you all, and will deliver only good things to you! And here's the first of those good things - the first Scrap Twist Blog Train for the year! Marilyn, from Marniejo's House Of Scraps, chose the palette, theme and twist for January: This month's theme was BEAR'able, and our twist was to include at least one bear.

Here is Marilyn's BEAR-y cute palette:

I chose just a few of the colours to work with this time, and made a mini kit, consisting of 5 papers and 8 elements; although it isn't obvious from the preview, one of the journal cards has lines on it, and the other is unlined:

'Bearable' Mini Kit (32.2 MB)


For your convenience, here are the rest of the designers' links:
Don't miss out on any of their wonderful creations!

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Daily Download Day 30 | Inspire Me

Before we get to today's download, I just wanted to let you know that I won't be participating in the December Scrap Twist Blog Train. 

In case you didn't know, the December theme is "Christmas Around The World", and the designers were to make their kits specific to their part of the world. As I would have been the only designer who experiences Christmas in summer, rather than winter, I felt that I would have had to make a large, comprehensive bundle to portray a completely different holiday season to everyone else. 

I freely admid that I am a perfectionist, and I found that I was feeling immense pressure to do something I could be happy about sharing with you. I have been suffering from depression and anxiety for many years now, and worrying about the December blog train was affecting my health. I felt so guilty about letting the other designers (and you!) down, but was reassured by the other admins that it would be perfectly OK to skip a month. 

So that is exactly what I'm doing, and it has been such a relief, healthwise. But I haven't been idle - I have been working on a baby bundle, and also a series of very basic tutorials for complete beginners to digital scrapbook design - I hope to share both of these projects with you soon.

We have had some extremely talented designers join us recently, and you definitely won't miss not having a blog train contribution from me! 

Thanks for reading this, and (hopefully) understanding why I won't be a part of the December train. 

Anyway, here is your final Inspire Me kit:

AK01 Brown Paper Alpha (8.27)
A full alpha, with upper & lower case letters, numbers, and a variety of symbols

Download from DROPBOX

Make sure you visit Scrap Twist to download everyone's 
wonderful Christmas creations!

Daily Download Day 05 | In The Pocket

I have another kit of Year Cards for you today - this one takes us up to 1875 - as well as the first of two Brad kits, and the first of the...